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Established in 1996 by Hideo Kajimura, the Glass Gallery Kajimura exhibits his beautiful glass art works. It is located in Central Kyoto.

The Gallery offers a variety of items, including sand-blasted glass lamps, sun-catchers, glass panels, paperweights, glasses and dishes. Most of the displayed items except glass beads accessaries such as necklaces and rings, are designed and produced by Kajimura. Retail prices range between \2,000 and \600,000 per item. The price of lamps is \20,000 to \150,000. 

This online gallery introduces Kajimura's exceptionally beautiful glass art with Japanese flavor of Kyoto. His art works will provide you with great gift ideas for many, many occasions -- birthday, anniversary, wedding, and of course a gift for your remembrance of your Japan visit.

Kajimura's works are not only beautiful but also practical. You can enjoy his colorful lamps every day. You can see his art glass panels displayed on window. His products are affordable and very unique.

The glass art on this web site is only a small sampling of the glass art work. We wish you can visit his gallery using your great opportunity to visit Kyoto.

Hideo Kajimura

Glass Gallery Kajimura

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