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Brief History Kyotofromkodaiji
Kajimura was born in Kyoto in 1944 and grew up in cultural environment of Kyoto. In 1989 he began a product development using glass. From 1992 he met Mr. Akira Ichiki, etching glass artist, in Osaka and learned glass etching from him. He built his own etched glass studio in 1995 and added gallery space in 1996.
Selected Exhibitions and Awards
  • From his first exhibition at Isetan Shinjuku Store in 2001, he participated in many Kyoto exhibitions and Craft exhibitions held at many department stores in Japan every year.@
  • His art work was accepted at the Kyoto Design Competition (1991)
About Current Gallery Store In 2005, he renovated his gallery store to display more art works in a spacious room which focuses on Japanese atomosphere such as yukimi shoji (paper sliding window), diatomite walls, wooden floor painted by persimmon tannin. Open: 10 am - 6 pm
Access Information The Gallery is located at Anekoji-tori in Central Kyoto area. This area still have traditional wooden townhouses called Machiya. Enjoy glass arts and Kyoto.

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