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Basic Techniques - Glass Etching

What is glass etching? How to etch glass by sandblasting?

Glass etching is a method of imprinting images on glass. Kajimura uses sandblasting, which is one of the etching methods. Sandblasting allows more variation with the use of different sand coarseness, depth blasting and gives the finished product a richer textured appearance. The main idea of sand blasting is to cover the area not to be etched and expose the area to be etched.

How to create such unique and beautiful glass art works?

Usually etched art glass are clear or frosted and colorless except a used glass itself is a colored double glass. Uniqueness of Kajimura's product line lies in delicate multiple color hand-painted very carefully. Color enhances multi-dimensional effect delicately on the image.
Process Tools & Equipments

  1. Create a design.
  2. Cover the glass by masking sheet.
  3. Cut and remove the masking sheet by a craft knife. Peel the area to be etched.
  4. In the blasting cabinet, etch the glass by the sandblaster which blows out abrasive sand from the nozzle by pressurized air from the air compressor.
  5. Remove the masking sheet and clean up the glass.
  6. Paint delicate colors by hand.
  7. Finish by coating to protect the glass.
  8. Assemble the glass.

Photo by S.Suzuki

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